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A Journal Like No Other


7/9/09 05:30 pm - Happy Bithday Heechul!!!

:D Now who's old?

5/18/09 07:51 pm

All of Suju went to the amusement park... I was worried at first but ^^;; It turned out well...Until we had to leave. Only Ryeo answered his phone.  :|

Good thing Sungmin seems to have an undying amount of energy. I ended up sending him to find everyone. He's like a hound o_o

Did I ever relax the whole time?

3/22/09 01:01 am

...I'm not ok with it....

>_< how did this house get to be such a mess? *goes back to clean*

1/7/09 07:37 pm

^^;; It's been a while since I last posted....

Things around here haven't really changed much. Except the fact that I'm married now ^__^~

How was everyone's New Years?

I feel like Sungmin got more energy from the earth on that day. He hasn't stopped moving ever since ^^

11/25/08 10:46 am

...Mom is trying to help with the wedding... (which is this week! ^^) But she's..not...listening to me .___.

10/28/08 05:02 pm

I keep getting a call from...

.... o__o ..oh...that's what mom was up to....


10/19/08 01:35 pm

...My mother sure knows a lot of people... ^^ mostly those who have sons o_o;; What's this all about?

9/22/08 02:49 pm

o_o My mom wants me to go somewhere with her...

I think she's finally accepted things? ^^;; What a relief...

8/17/08 04:59 pm

o_o I told them... Sungmin was my moral support.  He didn't have to blurt that I was getting married ajshdajs D: I think I killed mom.  Dad took it nicely. o_o;; Mom...she'll come around eventually....^^;;;  I hope D:

8/6/08 12:05 am

I guess I should feel ashamed o_o;;;

^___^ Off to clean~ Sungmin informed me of a crumb :O!  He was looking at me weird o_o;;
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